10 tips from Georgia Tech's 'epic' speech giver

The YouTube clip of an epic speech that went viral shows the end of a longer presentation. What comes before the over-the-top moments is valuable advice for all new students (and even the rest of us).

In just a few days, Nicholas Selby's epic convocation speech welcoming students to Georgia Tech has gone viral on YouTube, attracted the attention of bloggers and

Selby was accused of ripping off the speech from his former debate coach. Turns out, as Selby has posted on his Facebook page, he asked and received permission from Stone to use a part of his original speech.


georgia tech student post on facebook.jpg

The YouTube clip that received the most attention (more than 1.8 million views since it was posted four days ago) shows just the final minutes of a much longer speech, in which Selby offers 10 tips to Georgia Tech's incoming class. While there's some insider engineering tips in there, the rest of the speech contains the kind of advice every student, heck even the rest of us, would be wise to follow. Check out the speech in its entirety below. Then go call your mom.

Photo: Screenshots of Facebook and Georgia Tech speech

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