10 top cities for public electric vehicle charging stations

New data collected by PlugShare finds electric vehicle drivers save an average of $75 in fuel costs per month.

I'll bet you think that California has the most electric vehicle charging stations publicly on a per capita, but you would be betting wrong.

That honor actually goes to Portland, Oregon, which has 11.1 public charging locations per 100,000 residents, according to data gathered by electric vehicle charging information service PlugShare (developed by Xatori).

Actually San Francisco doesn't even show up until No. 4 on the list, with 6.6 electric vehicle charging stations per 100,000 residents. Dallas (10.6) and Nashville (8.2) both beat it out.

Some perspective, this data really pertains only to the stations that are tracked by PlugShare and sister service GreeCharge; it represents 100,000 users and 11,000 stations in North America.

Here's the Top 10:

1. Portland 11.1
2. Dallas 10.6
3. Nashville 8.2
4. SF Bay Area 6.6
5. Seattle 6.5
6. Orlando 6.3
7. Austin 5.3
8. Tucson 5.3
9. Honolulu 5.1
10. Washington D.C. Area 4.7

Two other statistics that should interest actual and would-be electric vehicle drivers: On average, electric vehicle drivers travel 1,050 miles per month (which is actually way more than I personally drive my own car during the same time period). They spend about $30 on charging, saving about $75 in fuel costs.

I hope more people start using those figures if they think about buying an electric vehicle.