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12 Days of ‘Staircase Wit’ for 2013 (Day 11)

Rather than end the year with a ‘best of’ list or predictions for 2014, I’ll be delivering 12 days of holiday gifts to you in the form of treppenwitz: all the afterthoughts I had all year.

Treppenwitz or perhaps more correctly ‘l’esprit de l’escalier’ is the expression for when you think of the perfect thing to say, but long after the moment you should have said it. In this series of blogs I given myself a second chance to comment or correct topics I’ve covered this year.


Build a Mobile App Before Your Customers Beat You To It

I bemoaned the lack of apps for everything — which I know might seem unreasonable — but the consumerisation of IT means consumers are now ‘unreasonable’, so we need to deal with that.

On Dec 7th, the Apple App Store (US) alone passed one million apps. Not downloads, but different apps. (And back in May, someone downloaded the 50 billionth app.) Consumers are voting with their thumbs, and companies really need to get on this bandwagon (to mix a few metaphors).

I Need a Bigger Cloud

My quest for a bigger cloud continues, as another 7.7 GB of music has found its way in to my iTunes library. Although iTunes seems to think I now have fewer albums… Best not to start me on iTunes, or how iOS lost its way for podcasts support.