12GB/3G iPhone in 6 months?!? Don't bet on it!

Will Apple release a 12GB, 3G iPhone update in six months? I wouldn't bet on it.

My ZDNet blogging colleague Russell Shaw has just received an interesting comment from a reader:

"I just got off the phone with an ATT Rep who said that there are no rebates for the 2 year agreement towards the phone. He said that Apple has released information on a NEW IPhone that will be 3G and 12gig with new features that will launch in 6 Months"

While I don't doubt the honesty of the tipster, I find it very hard to believe that Apple would pass on information about a new (and thus far secret) iPhone update to a rep just days before launch.  Neither Apple nor AT&T want people who are interested in jumping on the iPhone wave to sit on their money for another six months while they wait for a better handset.  Both companies what your money (and your signature on the dotted line) quickly. 

Also, pulling such a stunt would seriously annoy early adopters, something Apple is probably keen to avoid.