15 leaders in smart grid security

Security concerns for the intelligent power distribution system will require more technologies that bridge the cyber and physical worlds. Pike Research lists the leaders and contenders.

Cleantech market watcher Pike Research has released an analysis of which companies matter in cybersecurity technologies for the smart grid.

A handful of the names from the information technology security world won't surprise you and they already have a big name in the enterprise, such as Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, McAfee, RSA and Symantec. Sophos and Sourcefire probably also could be put into this category, too. But I need to brush up on the other seven listed companies. I'm listing them in alphabetical order:

  1. AlertEnterprise, which has a footprint in security that spans physical and cyber concerns as well as a background in incident management. It lists airports as a big focus and Nike is a customer.
  2. AlienVault, developer of the most "popular" open source security information and event management (SIEM) system
  3. Byres Security, a maker of security technologies for industrial control systems (SCADA) and a partner of companies including Honeywell
  4. Innominate, another player in industrial security technologies
  5. Industrial Defender, an industrial security company that boasts more than 100 process control/SCADA security assessments and more than 3,000 SCADA deployments
  6. N-Dimension, a player in end-to-end security for the smart grid that is actively involved with many public power utilities
  7. Nitro Security, now part of McAfee, Nitro boasts customers including The Coca-Cola Co. for its SIEM technologies