180solutions on anti-spyware

Keith Smith, CEO of 180solutions, writes about anti-spyware, Scanning for Fear. The problem is Mr. Smith gives no specifics or examples.

Keith Smith, CEO of 180solutions, writes about anti-spyware, Scanning for Fear.  The  problem is Mr. Smith gives no details or examples.  He refers to adware programs as "downloadable applications" and anti-spyware programs as "scanning applications".

180solutions has a full-time team dedicated to working with the scanning applications in an effort to educate them on our product's behavior on the desktop. Through these dealings, we aim to ensure proper and accurate labeling. Does it work? Sometimes. Coincidentally, we've seen the best response come from the big security players who, we can assume, aren't as concerned with relying on broad labeling and fear-mongering to keep their companies afloat. Unfortunately, in the circumstances when the business talks break down, the only other available avenue is litigation. Is this a direction we want move toward? Absolutely not, but it's a step we have to be willing to take in order to protect our brand and our users. What other choice do we have?

Mr. Smith never describes 180solutions' specific practices nor does he give us a hint of what the scanning applications are complaining about.

In the meantime, users are still posting on forums asking for help to remove adware/spyware including 180solution's software. See here, here and here.

Then see 180solutions in 365 days.

Update:  Spyware Warrior captured yet another 180solutions installation with no notice and consent just today.  Details and video can be found here.