1Click ups the ante on enterprise video conferencing

This enterprise cloud venture optimizes bandwidth, which could be a key solution for fibre-starved countries such as India.

India seems to be churning out a torrent of software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups, and the latest one to hit the news is 1Click, a cloud-based video conferencing solution that, according to this article, promises to excite many, thanks to its one convenient facility: No software to download or the pesky need to log in to an account in order to start a video conference.

All one needs to do to activate a call is to send the person an invite by email. Clicking on it will directly launch the browser as well as the call. This sounds nifty, but is it enough to get excited about? Apparently, one of the greatest strengths of the service is that it sits on a video bridge, and, while doing so, optimizes bandwidth for calls. "With video conferencing, latency is the biggest problem I've seen. We've managed to solve that to an extent," 1Click founder Hrishikesh was quoted as saying in the piece.

1click diagram
The 1Click solution.

"Video is becoming the core of every interaction, whether it is for multi-location conferencing, delivery of educational seminars and lectures, premium customer hotline, and recruitment. 1Click.io has developed strong intellectual property, and is well set up to succeed in the space," said Google Singapore executive Rahul Garg, who ended up investing in 1Click, according to the Economic Times.

US-based micro venture capital firm Shead Holdings and Chennai Angels member R Narayanan joined Garg in putting down anywhere between $250,000 and $350,000 in the company.

1Click's parent company, Turtle Yogi, was apparently previously incubated at NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, which itself resides at an "incubation hub" within the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

The product seems to be somewhere in between the high-end offerings of corporates like Cisco and products like Skype, says the article. With 1Click designed to integrate with a company's existing workflows across different verticals, businesses may just have found an answer to their communication needs, although the article says it was unable to elicit any pricing information as yet.

Still, many products look great on a demo run or with a few trial customers. The proof for 1Click will be the ability to scale successfully, keep glitches at bay, and fend off competitors while creating a brand name for itself in a crowded space.