2 million iOS 5 users choose Hotmail

Number is growing by some 100,000 every day.

According to Microsoft, some 2 million iOS 5 devices are connected to Hotmail, and that number is growing by some 100,000 every day.

With the release of iOS 5 it became easier for user to configure their iDevice to send and receive email via Hotmail because Apple added it as a default option in the Add Account ... screen. And it seems that users have embraced this option enthusiastically.

Microsoft also offers up an interesting breakdown of Hotmail users based on which iDevice they use.

40% of those connecting to Hotmail use an iPhone 4, but remarkably a massive 24% are using iPhone 4S handsets. This is particularly amazing considering that the 4S has only been available for three weeks.

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See, Microsoft and Apple can co-exist!