Motorola updates 2014 Moto X Pure Edition with Android 5.1

What's the next best thing to a Nexus if you want fast software updates? The 2014 Moto X Pure Edition has to be a contender; it's now getting Android 5.1.

One of the advantages to buying a 2014 Moto X Pure Edition instead of a carrier branded version is getting software updates sooner. That strategy is paying off today as Motorola released Android 5.1 for the Pure Edition phone in the U.S. on Friday.

Senior Director, SW Product Management, Motorola Mobility, David Schuster, announced the software availability on his Google+ page.

The Android 5.1 updated measured 439 megabytes for my Moto X and requires that you download it over Wi-Fi. My installation went without a hitch and took about 15 minutes.

While bigger changes are coming with Android M later this year, Android 5.1 has several improvements, based on Motorola's release notes.

Notifications, for example, can be blocked until after your next alarm and can swiped away temporarily when in apps. Android's Quick Settings menu for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gain new drop down choices for faster connecting. And using the sensors inside the Moto X, the phone can turn your flashlight on or off by a double-chop motion without even waking the handset.

Those with carrier editions of the 2014 Moto X will still have to wait for the software upgrade, but I wouldn't expect that wait to be much longer. Motorola has been conducting soak tests with various carrier customers for several weeks; assuming there are no show-stopping bugs, general availability should follow.

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