2020 iPhone already starting to eclipse this year's iPhone launch

Forget about this year's iPhone. Next year's model will feature cool new sensors aimed at improving the camera and Augmented Reality.

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This year's iPhone hasn't been unveiled yet, and already rumors about what could be landing next year are circulating. A new feature that seems particularly exciting is the addition of 3D time-of-flight sensors to the rear camera array, reported by longtime Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Similar to the TrueDepth infrared camera array used by Face ID found on the front of the current crop of iPhones, adding this to the rear cameras would allow the iPhone to create a 3D map of objects that are much further away, paving the way for 3D photos and better Augmented Reality experiences.

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Apple would likely restrict this feature to the higher-end iPhone models.

Kuo also seems confident now that 2020 is when the iPhone will embrace 5G, which makes sense now that Apple has grabbed Intel's 5G modem business. It remains to be seen whether the lack of 5G on the iPhone 11 will dampen interest and push buyers looking for higher speeds towards competitors.

Again, 5G is expected to be a feature found on the higher-end, higher-priced iPhones.

Will the lack of 5G support out you off buying an iPhone this year?

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