27 million iPhone owners use Instagram, Android version in testing

People are using their phones to take photos and apps like Instagram help enhance that experience through cool filters and tools. An Android version is in development and was shown off a bit at SXSW

Instagram is an extremely popular iPhone photo application and at SXSW the founder stated that over 27 million people have download it to their iPhone. He also revealed that an Android version is in beta testing and should be coming soon. Android owners have been asking for this application for some time and the release will be a welcome addition, especially with Android cameras getting much better than they have been in the past.

Instagram is a simple app that lets you capture an image, apply a fun filter, and then post it for others to enjoy and even comment on. I enjoy scrolling through my Instagram feed to check out the photos people take as there are some very interesting shots taken by people on a regular basis. The filters add some unique elements to photos and people seem to be very interested in applying them.