2G still prevails in Brazil

But local telecoms body says the situation should change by July

2G mobile telephony is still predominant in Brazil but users with 3G handsets should become the majority from next month, according to Brazilian telecommunications body Anatel.

According to Anatel, the number of 3G devices in Brazil increased from 97.8 million to 105.4 million between January and March of this year, while the number of 2G phones fell from 157.5 million to 150.4 million during the same period.

During a public audience on the theme earlier this month, Anatel's president João Resende said 3G will surpass second generation phones by this coming July. At the same time, Resende also said telcos should invest more to catch up with users' evolving demands.

"Companies need to invest in their data networks. The problem is not voice but data. There is a desire from citizens to access the internet though their mobile devices and we have to expand the capacity of data networks to support the use of 3G," Resende said.

When it comes to 4G, Anatel predicts that the adoption should be a lot slower due to the price of devices that support the technology, as well as more expensive tariffs.