3 iPhone accessories to start off your new year right

There are lots of trivial accessories for the iPhone, and others that offer real benefits to owners. Here are some that can serve important functions when paired with the iPhone.

The huge ecosystem for iPhone accessories is a good incentive for companies to make the investment needed to get a product in the store. These accessories include those designed to improve the iPhone owners world.


Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Keeping blood pressure in check can go a long way to keeping you healthy. This monitor is an accessory that wirelessly reports recorded pressure readings to the Health Mate iPhone app that accompanies it.

The BP cuff auto-inflates, simply place it on the arm and start it up. It sends the results to the iPhone over Bluetooth 4.0.

The monitor runs on four AAA batteries.

Get it from Apple for $129.95


OneTouch Verio Sync Glucose Monitor

Diabetics must keep a constant vigil on the glucose, and that means pricking a finger and getting the glucose level multiple times a day. In addition to the time and effort required to do this, all tests must be logged into a journal.

The journal allows tracking the glucose level over time to spot trends that can be used to help better keep the level in the normal range. The log also can be shared with healthcare providers.

OneTouch is a trusted brand producing gear for diabetes control. These include the OneTouch Verio Sync glucose monitor. On the surface the Verio Sync is like other test monitors. You prick a finger to get a drop of blood and let the test strip slurp it up. The glucose level is tested in a few seconds and the resultant level appears on the screen to be logged.

It's the last step that automates the process. The Verio Sync sends the test result to the iPhone and logs it into the OneTouch Reveal app.

Get the OneTouch Verio Sync from OneTouch for $29.99.


ReSound ENZO2 hearing aids

Those using hearing aids will tell you they face a constant battle keeping them adjusted to provide optimal hearing. The audio response in one room may be different in another so frequent adjustment is often needed.

The ReSound Enzo2 hearing aids are designed to work wirelessly with the iPhone. Operation can be configured using a famililiar iPhone app allowing audio changes on the fly. Adjustments include the all-important setting for background noise attenuation.

The iPhone can stream audio directly to the ReSound, The ReSound Smart app works on the Apple Watch, too.

Get more information from ReSound.