3 signs up MTV and Jackass

Hutchison 3G is leaping into bed with naked rollerbladers - will this help it get its numbers up?
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor
Hutchison 3G users can now watch the latest music videos and news on their handsets following a deal between the network provider and MTV.

From Tuesday, subscribers to 3 -- Hutchison's third-generation (3G) mobile phone service -- will be able to view video clips of a range of MTV programmes, including footage of live performances, promotional videos and news reports.

This is the first time that music fans have been able to download this kind of material to their phones. The deal could give a boost to 3's challenging target of reaching one million UK subscribers by this Christmas.

"We're a new network, doing things that have never been possible on a mobile before. Three is all about video mobile – in a nutshell, sound and vision at the same time – and music videos bring alive the possibilities of this technology for music fans," said Graeme Oxby, 3 UK's managing director, in a statement.

"We wanted the best for our customers; with this agreement we have it and we're delighted with MTV's commitment to video mobile," he added.

MTV has also signed an agreement with mobile operator O2 that will let its customers download tunes to their phones.

Three's deal with MTV will also give its subscribers access to clips from Jackass -- a cult TV show involving a group of crazy Americans performing dangerous stunts for the fun of it, such as tightrope-walking across a pool of alligators or naked rollerblading.

Unfortunately the Jackass boys weren't available for comment on whether they'd be foolhardy enough to spend upwards of £4bn on a 3G licence.

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