3 SOA business cases, explained in a 2-minute elevator speech

Impress your CEO -- maybe even the CFO -- with some quick examples of SOA making a difference to the business.

Here's something remarkable:  SoftwareAG posted a video, only two minutes long, that makes three compelling business cases for SOA.

I presume they are based on actual customer stories. So if you're ever stuck on the elevator with your CEO or CFO, here's some nice examples of SOA in action for the business you can recite very quickly before you reach the 27th floor:

Example 1 -- less programming via shared services: "SOA helped improve customer satisfaction where customers purchased tickets over multiple channels. Without SOA, each channel had its own application. Changing a policy required changing every application. A new channel required a new application. Now, with SOA, all channels use shared services. the ciustomer experience of biooking tickets is consustsnt across channels. New channels can be built faster."

Example 2 -- faster time to market: "SOA reduced time to value by composing applications from lower-level services. Before SOA, as a result of acqusitions, this global distributor had to contend with a large number of disparate systems. But now with a library of reusable SOA services to expose underlying systems. They compose new applications 45% faster. That's a real competitive advantage in a lean business like distribution."

Example 3 -- less fussing, greater productivity: "SOA served as the foundation for business processes, and increased business agility. This cable provider's repair technicians used to waste a lot of time checking for equipment, schedules and travel directions. With SOA, the company was able to automate its repair process rapidly. and and make it flexible to accommodate future requirments. The resulting producuity improvements saved $4 million dollars a year."