33 must-have business and marketing iPad apps from Docstoc

If you're interested in business and marketing, these 33 apps from Docstoc are absolute must-haves!

Earlier this month, Docstoc released updates for 33 iPad/iPhone apps that are geared towards business- and marketing-related endeavors. Best of all? They are completely free.

Now, before the idea of business/marketing apps turns some of you off, I'm going to list all 33 of them by title below, then link them all to their respective App Store locations for you to read more about. And don't let "free app" equate to "garbage app" in your head, because of the ones I've checked out, I would be more than willing to pay for them.

In no particular order of importance:

Adwords and SEO Sales Techniques and Secrets Social Media for Small Businesses Start a Business Online Building a Home-Based Business Affiliate Marketing with ShoeMoney How to Make Money with Online Advertising How to Build an Online Product How to be More Productive How to Design a Website Legal and Copyright Small Business Toolkit Starting a Business with Venture Capital HR and Employee Management Advice 50 Business Lessons Business Development Marketing, Branding, and PR Secrets Accounting Starter Guide Advertise Your Business Design Toolkit for Small Business Doing Business Internationally How to Start a Business Leadership Secrets for Entrepreneurs How to Brand a Company How to Network Capital Sources for your Business Marketing 101: What is Marketing How to Build a Physical Product How to Grow Your Business with Mobile Apps Event Planning for Business How to Write a Business Plan How to Do Your Taxes How to Get a Job Interview Documents and Templates

As you can see, the array of topics covered is vast. Personally, I've downloaded every single one of them; however, I've yet to make my way through most of them (as you can imagine). Of the ones I've looked through, though, the information appears to be sound and comprehensive for those looking to either dive into a topic for the first time or have something of a refresher.

Interestingly, the videos in the apps are unlisted YouTube videos -- a format Docstoc also adheres to on the video portion of their site, where you can view tons more topics covered by experts throughout various fields.

Also, since the videos are streamed from YouTube, an Internet connection is required to make use of these apps. Following such a format also allows Docstoc to pull the plug on this information as free any time they choose, so my advice is to get while the gettin's good!

And with that, I'll bring this article to a close. Ultimately, I just wanted to create awareness about these apps for those of you who might find the content within them not only educational, but actionable. I've really enjoyed what I've seen of them so far, but your mileage may vary.

-Stephen Chapman

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