3G giving video and IM a boost

Third generation users really do like their data...
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Third generation users really do like their data...

After a series of false dawns, 3G could finally be fulfilling its promise to get users adopting services beyond the traditional talk-and-text combination.

Mobile research firm M:Metrics report that 3G users in the UK are five times more likely to use advanced data services than their second generation counterparts.

Using IM on the move and downloading games were among the activities that spiked with 3G usage. M:Metrics found that more than 10 per cent of 3G users had added a game to their phone, compared to three per cent of 2G subscribers.

The capture and transmission of video also rose dramatically among 3G users – nearly 19 per cent of 3G users sent a video to a friend compared to seven per cent of 2G users – which the research company attributes both to 3G networks being set up to handle heavy bandwidth transmission but also to the better quality video capture functions found in third generation phones.

While the figures might be cheering to operators, a recent report from analyst house Forrester predicted that 3G services will see poor take up until the end of the decade, due to the high cost of third generation handsets.

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