3M Mobile Projector MP220: Portable presenter

This business travel essential allows you to project a presentation or motion picture with equal ease.
Written by Amy Kraft, Weekend Editor on

Business travel is all about being lightweight and nimble. Those who are ruthless about downsizing for the road are usually richly rewarded, with fewer fees, shorter wait times and less sore joints.

Pico, or pocket, projectors are ideal for road (air? rail?) warriors for whom presentations are key. Whether you're in sales or the C-suite, sometimes you need a killer visual to make your point land.

In a crowded field, we like 3M's Mobile Projector MP220. The slim, battery-powered device connects to Apple iOS and Google Android devices to enlarge PowerPoint presentations and Netflix instant movies alike. You need only a blank wall -- easily procured for those who shuttle between hotel rooms and meeting rooms.

The device can project an image up to 120 inches with 65 lumens of brightness, a feat that was not long ago impossible in a device of this size. With 1 gigabyte of storage, you can put your presentation directly on the device -- no messing around with wires five minutes before showtime. And the entire package is small and light enough to slip into your carry-on without difficulty.

3M's MP220 mobile projector is available online through CDW. $470.

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