Four Apple Watch apps for the workforce

There are a few apps at launch for the Apple Watch that can help you boost productivity at work or on the go. Look for more over time, but these are a good start.

Apple Watch pre-orders have begun and if you didn't jump on them quickly, you'll likely be waiting weeks, if not months to get one.

That may not be a bad thing though. The number of apps for the digital timepiece is a bit limited now and will only grow over time. Don't think the Apple Watch is just for fun and games; there are a few launch day apps that can help you get things done at work or on the road. Expect many more to follow but here's a first set of four apps aimed at productivity.

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Executive's guide to the future of enterprise apps

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Salesforce Wave: Last October, Salesforce launched Wave for both legacy and current business analytics data. A corresponding iOS app followed to fit business intelligence dashboards in the palm of your hand. The new Apple Watch app pushes that data and key metrics to the wrist as a small dashboard you can glance at in between -- or during -- meetings and conference calls.

Evernote: This popular cross-platform note-taker moves from the phone to the small screen. Fire up the app and you can dictate a note, search your existing notes or view recent content. Got reminders or a to-do list in Evernote for iOS? They'll appear on your wrist too. And if you start reading a note on your Apple Watch, you can continue reading it right on your iPhone.

Invoice2go: Time-trackers will likely agree: There's nothing worse than forgetting when you started a task or a project. Invoice2go can definitely help. The app uses geofencing technology to remind you to start tracking time at pre-defined locations. Tracking is easy too; just hit the big button on your wrist to start or stop measuring your hours.

Expedia: Until my favorite app for managing business travel, Tripit, comes to the Apple Watch, Expedia will work for me. Booked travel data is easily accessible on the wrist, providing information for both flights and hotels. You'll see your gate and departure time, as well as the address and phone number for lodging booked through Expedia.