40 maps that explain the modern world

From oil imports to coffee consumption and the travel of rubber ducks, this collection of maps is mind-blowing.

Ever wondered where Britain hasn't invaded, how prolific McDonalds is globally, or what the most highly-paid public jobs are in the United States?

This collection of maps, compiled by Twisted Sifter, is a great visual collection of informative global maps -- with topics including alcohol consumption around the world, water risk, global population density and the world's busiest air routes -- as well as some of the frankly bizarre, such as the ending destinations of 29,000 rubber ducks that fell off a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The 40 maps originated from a number of sources, and can be viewed in full here. Below are some of my personal favorites:

The highest paid public employees by U.S. state:

Where you can find McDonalds restaurants around the world:

Where is Google street view available?

The world's population, concentrated:

Via: Twisted Sifter

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