40% of parents think computers have a negative impact on their child’s writing

More LikelyLess LikelyMakes noDifferenceStrongly resonantWrite better becausethey can revise andedit easily69%11%17%Present ideas clearly54734Be creative501036Moderately resonantTake short cuts andnot put effort intowriting45%14%35%Communicate well431836Use poor spelling andgrammar402830Write too fast and becareless401341Weakly resonantHave a short attentionspan22%18%53%Source: Pew Internet Project

More Likely Less Likely Makes no
Strongly resonant
Write better because
they can revise and
edit easily
69% 11% 17%
Present ideas clearly 54 7 34
Be creative 50 10 36
Moderately resonant
Take short cuts and
not put effort into
45% 14% 35%
Communicate well 43 18 36
Use poor spelling and
40 28 30
Write too fast and be
40 13 41
Weakly resonant
Have a short attention
22% 18% 53%
Source: Pew Internet Project