47 Words Per Minute on the iPad with iTextSpeed

I managed to type 47 WPM on the iPad--what about you?

Special Report: Apple iPad

I'm working on my first impressions of the iPad, but in the interim I figured I'd treat the world to a quick sample of how fast I can type on the iPad. I normally clock in at around 97 WPM on a standard keyboard, and previously did 54 WPM on the iPhone, so I was curious to see how fast I could touch type on the iPad.

To my surprise, without any practice I managed about 47 words per minute pretty consistently (according to the iPhone version of iTextSpeed running on the iPad). I should also mention that typing in the Notes app seems to be even faster for me, probably because I'm not concentrating on making sure I type the correct word each time.

Watch me in action below, and post your own scores, too.