4chan students hack district schools; Changed grades and $9,000 meals

4chan hackers accessed a New Jersey school district's student data system, and changed grades and meal prices to $9,000, all in aid of a good laugh.

Students managed to gain access to their school data system and change their grades, after the username and password of the school data system was published on 4chan.

The username "admin" along with the password, now changed, "poopnugget", allowed students to access the data system in the New Jersey school district to change their grades and other district wide settings.

One user took advantage by changing the school lunch prices to $9,000 and another changed the grading system so it only took 1 credit to graduate.

One of the hackers also accessed the emergency notification system, designed to send out text messages to students, staff and parents.

It didn't take long before what is presumed someone with a moral conscience contacted the school or changed the password to prevent any further harm.

But with dozens of schools connected to the same system, havoc could have easily been wreaked across the entire district.

It wouldn't surprise me to find the day after being classified as a 'snow day'.


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