5 good games for the HP TouchPad

There are some quality game titles available for the HP TouchPad, and these five games are fun and entertaining for those wanting to kill a few hours with the slate.

The tablet form is great for gaming and there are some good ones available for the HP TouchPad. There are simple games designed to kill a few minutes and sophisticated games with great graphics and immersive gameplay that will have you wondering where time has gone. I have been trying out quite a few of them and have settled on my favorite ones to play on the TouchPad.

Glyder 2 HD. This game consists of beautiful scenes that are explored by the main character who has wings and glides through them all. The glider is controlled by tilting the TouchPad and directing your character around obstacles, collecting powerups, and using clearly indicated thermals to keep aloft. The game is almost Zen-like with its calming scenes, soothing music and a pace that is easy. Playing Glyder 2 is a great way to unwind after a busy day in the real world. $2.99.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for TouchPad. Sometimes relaxing games are not the call of the day, and only pulse-pounding action will do. This game has that at every level and is a great addition to the Need for Speed racing game series. The controls have been adapted for the TouchPad and make it easy to control the vast collection of cars you can drive in the game, including police cars. The graphics are stunning, performance is great, and gameplay is first-rate. $9.99.

Sparkle HD. Zuma fans will recognize the gameplay of Sparkle and feel right at home. The graphics are outstanding and the gameplay is addictive as it is simple to start but gets downright hard to win at the advanced levels. Sparkle HD looks good and is tons of fun on the TouchPad. $4.99.

Big Boss. The premise behind this game is simple: you are a big, bad monster terrorizing the countryside. You equip your monster with the tools of the monster trade and evolve during gameplay to get even more ferocious over time. You earn credits as you go and buy better equipment to take on the increasingly more difficult citizens trying to stop you. It is good tongue-in-cheek fun and a good way to while away the hours. $1.99.

Aftermath XHDEven a dead device needs a good zombie game and this one is perfectly adapted for play on the TouchPad. The graphics and audio are gorgeous and set the atmosphere for this game that sends more zombies at you than you can shake a stick at. You’d better be shaking more than a stick if you want to last long. $5.99 special promotion.

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