5 travel gadgets and apps you need for peace of mind

Whether you're traveling on business or for summer vacation, having the right technology can help make your trip worry free.

Belle Hop Travel Alarm

Having a security alarm in your home helps you rest easy, but that's left behind when traveling. The Belle Hop Travel Alarm lets you bring that secure feeling when traveling. It is a small gadget that hangs on the door knob in the hotel room and sets off a piercing alarm when the door is opened.

It is battery operated and also has an LED flashlight, another handy tool to have on trips.

It is available from Amazon for $11.99.

Acoustic Audio Tek Travel Humidifier

If dry air in hotels makes you uncomfortable or adversely affects breathing disorders, this travel humidifier is what you need. The Acoustic Audio Tek Travel Humidifier uses a water bottle (included) and a top with a motor that runs off a USB connection to make breathing easier and relaxing.

The Acoustic Audio Tek Travel Humidifer is available from Amazon for $10.99.

Turn your old iOS device into a home monitoring system

When traveling for a few days or longer it's common to worry if everything's going well at the homestead. Bad things can happen at the worst of times, especially when far from home.

There's a simple solution that costs nothing if there's an old iPhone or iPad laying around. Presence is a free iOS app that turns that old iOS device into a web cam that detects motion at home and notifies you with a video look at the activity. Install the app on the old and new devices and get alerts when something happens. It's peace of mind in an app.

Presence app is free on iTunes.

Tech Armor ActivePower battery for Android, iPhone

Smartphones can be useful on trips, whether using them to navigate around a strange city or looking up things to do. They can't do that on those long days when the battery runs dry, so an external battery can keep things going smoothly.

The ActivePower battery is barely bigger than a tube of Chap Stick yet packs a 3,000 mAh battery inside. Charge it up before heading out for the day and have no worries that your phone will probably last longer than you do.

The Tech Armor ActivePower battery is $14.95.

See the review on ZDNet.

TrakDot tracker for luggage

Worried if your bags made it to the same destination as you did upon arrival? The TrakDot tracker will let you know. It uses cellular technology that upon landing automatically pings the nearest cell tower to determine its location.

It sends a text message or email to your iPhone or Android phone to notify you where it is. Hopefully it's in the same city where you are.

The TrakDot is $64.99 on Amazon.

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