5 ways to stay focused and get your goal

Dan Coughlin is a speaker, consultant, expert in business performance and the author of The Management 500: A High-Octane Formula for Business Success. We recently featured Dan and his latest book, which looks at the winning secrets of NASCAR and applies them to business.

Dan was good enough to share these additional tips on Focus.

Dan Coughlin’s 5 Tips for Staying Focused and Getting Your Goal

1. Know the value of long-term focus. Study truly great performers and you’ll soon see that sustained focus was the key to success for them. Identify why you want to achieve certain outcomes? What are all the benefits you can think of to yourself, other employees, your organization, and other customers?

2. Write down your purpose for the work you do on an index card. Carry that card with you. Remember that passion comes from purpose, not the other way around. You need to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Enzo Ferrari, in his autobiography, wrote, “Fate is to a good extent in our own hands if we only know clearly what we want and are steadfast in our purpose. A single-mindedness of purpose in pursing one’s ambition is a force that can overcome many obstacles.”

3. At the beginning of each day, ask yourself, “Today what am I going to do to fulfill my purpose at work?”

4. At the end of each day, ask yourself, “Today what did I do to fulfill my purpose at work?

5. Take regular pit stops: vacations, long walks, read books for pleasure. Keep your mind and energy fresh so you can sustain your focus at work.

Dan Coughlin can be reached through his website at www.thecoughlincompany.com.

To read a free chapter of his new book, The Management 500, Click Here:

To read our recent interview with Dan, Click Here

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