500,000 customers join Vodafone's 4G club

That'll be a couple of percent signed up to LTE services, then.

Vodafone has hot over 500,000 4G LTE subscribers around six months after it launched its fourth-generation services.

The telco announced it had crossed the half-million mark on Monday, saying that around 36 percent of the UK population now has access to its 4G service.

While Vodafone reached the milestone quicker than EE — EE launched its 4G service in October 2012 , hitting 500,000 4G users around a year later — it still has a very small percentage of its user base signed up to 4G. In its most recent set of financial results, Vodafone listed around 19.5 million mobile customers in the UK, meaning only 2.6 percent of those are on 4G.

Vodafone is continuing to build out its 4G network, which currently covers 208 towns and cities in the UK.

O2, which launched its own 4G network on the same day in August last year as Vodafone, has yet to reveal how many of its users signed up.

Vodafone was considered to have made a better fist of its launch, offering customers sizeable data allowances and other extras including Spotify. However, it's since revamped those intial packages.

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