51% of ecommerce site visitors are logged in to Facebook

50.8 percent of customers are still logged in to Facebook while visiting ecommerce websites, according to a recent Social Labs study.

Facebook may not be a shopping portal, but 50.8 percent of customers are still logged in to the social network while visiting ecommerce websites. This particular data point was collected in an October 2011 study by Social Labs, which also took the time to see how this number varied for each day of the week.

On average, Sunday had the highest Facebook logged-in rate while Thursday had the lowest:

  • Monday: 50.4 percent
  • Tuesday: 51.0 percent
  • Wednesday: 50.4 percent
  • Thursday: 49.4 percent
  • Friday: 49.7 percent
  • Saturday: 51.0 percent
  • Sunday: 53.7 percent

Interestingly, the time of day did not have a huge impact on the results: the work week numbers were only slightly lower than those of the weekend. "While users on our clients' sites are logged in to Facebook slightly less during the workday and slightly more during the evening, the percentage of logged in users is still very high during the workday," a Social Labs spokesperson said in a statement. "For example, during the work week of October 17 to 21st, on average 51% of users on our e-commerce deployments were logged in to Facebook from 9AM to 7PM."

Social Labs said it couldn't share statistics from its particular customers, but it did say that across all of its customers (not just ecommerce ones), the rate of traffic logged into Facebook ranged from approximately 40 percent to 60 percent. In short, depending on your target consumer, you can expect about half of your traffic to be logged in to Facebook while visiting your site. If you haven't yet, maybe it's time to try leveraging the social network to see if you can increase sales and engagement for your online business.

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