$533 million not enough? Smartflash files new patent lawsuit against Apple

Patent licensing firm Smartflash may still be celebrating a $533 million victory against Apple, but the companies aren't finished in the courtroom.

Roy Zipstein | Apple

Smartflash may have won $533 million in damages from Apple in a court case only this week, but the firm is already planning a new case against the tech giant.

This week in a Texan federal court, Apple was ordered to pay $533 million in damages to Smartflash after being found guilty of wilfully infringing upon the firm's patents.

Smartflash -- a company which licenses patents but does not create products -- filed the case against the iPad and iPhone maker in 2013 (.PDF). Smartflash accused Apple of infringing upon a number of patents relating to the access and storage of data, digital rights management (DRM) and payment systems -- all of which a Texan jury found Apple of infringing upon through the firm's iTunes music software.

Smartflash originally requested $852 million in damages -- a figure which may now be viable due to the fresh complaint. The company has filed another suit against the iPad and iPhone maker, this time over the same disputed patents and their use in devices launched after the original case was underway in court.

According to Reuters, Smartflash is now pressing for damages relating to devices not included in the original suit -- such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2. The new case has been filed in the same court, based in Tyler, Texas, where Smartflash is also based.

Smartflash attorney Brad Caldwell told the publication:

"Smartflash filed the complaint to address products that came out too far into the last proceedings to have been included. Apple cannot claim they don't know about these patents or understand that they are infringing. A diligent jury has already rejected those arguments."

Within the original complaint, Smartflash said that the co-inventor of the patents, Patrick Racz, held a briefing with Augustin Farrugia in around 2000 to discuss the allegedly infringed upon technology, before Farrugia joined Apple as a Senior Director.

Apple plans to appeal the ruling.

In the past, Smartflash has also attempted to take Google, Samsung and HTC to court for alleged patent infringement.

In related news, Apple has sent out invitations for a "Spring Forward" event in March, which is expected to cover a new line of products -- including the anticipated Apple Watch.

ZDNet has reached out to Apple and will update if we hear back.

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