6% of US teens write software for personal enjoyment

For schoolFor personalenjoymentHave done forany reasonDo short writing, from aparagraph to one page92%31%97%Take notes in class98n/a98Write essays93895Do creative writing, suchas plays, poetry, fiction orshort stories742581Write notes or letters toother people386478Create audio, video,PowerPoint ormultimedia presentations691673Write up a science lab71n/a71Write in a journal443465Write music or lyrics92530Write computer programs10614Source: Pew Internet Project

For school For personal
Have done for
any reason
Do short writing, from a
paragraph to one page
92% 31% 97%
Take notes in class 98 n/a 98
Write essays 93 8 95
Do creative writing, such
as plays, poetry, fiction or
short stories
74 25 81
Write notes or letters to
other people
38 64 78
Create audio, video,
PowerPoint or
multimedia presentations
69 16 73
Write up a science lab 71 n/a 71
Write in a journal 44 34 65
Write music or lyrics 9 25 30
Write computer programs 10 6 14
Source: Pew Internet Project