9 funky new tech job titles for the 21st-century organization

Prepare for new types of professionals in your enterprise, from 'data scientists' to 'machine-to-machine communications enablers.' Or have they been with us all along anyway?

ComputerWorld's Mary Pratt just published what may be some key emerging tech job roles for the 21st-century organization.  Anyone have these titles yet in their companies? My suspicion is that many of these job descriptions already exist, and are being absorbed into existing positions.

My favorite is the "machine-to-machine communications enabler." Actually, this is likely something SOA proponents have been doing all along for the past decade, has it not?

Director of cloud transformation: Could also be called vice president of virtualization or cloud transformation officer. As the title suggests, charged with overseeing the move to cloud IT. May be transitional.

Socialite: Strange title, more likely to be seen as chief social media strategist, new media coordinator, or manager of social media. Whatever the title, "it's about leveraging technology to monitor online activity and interactions and to engage consumers."

Data scientist: "The data scientist position goes beyond the skills generally seen in a BI analyst. These new specialists will not only find and deliver the data; they will also be the ones using it for extensive forecasting."

Augmented reality specialist: Visually oriented, tasked with "building apps that are designed to enhance how people view the world around them."

Chief agile officer: Charged with employing agile techniques and bringing together teams of business users and technologists.

Flexible resource manager: "Ccan foresee what skills will be needed and how long they'll be needed... are also responsible for bringing people with new talents into the organization and integrating them with existing staff to assemble high-performance teams."

Health informatics expert: Capable of optimizing the acquisition, storage, retrieval and application of health-related data."

Machine-to-machine communications enabler: Someone to oversee the growing interoperability of all manner of software, servers, devices and production equipment.

Outsourcing manager: A job that is already prevalent in many places. Tasked with keeping tabs on all the relationships between the enterprise and its contractors.

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