9 in 10 in China bought iPhone 5s instead of 5c

Among the nine markets included in the launch of new iPhones, none showed less interest in the lower-cost model than China and Australia, where 91 percent of consumers chose iPhone 5s over 5c.

Apple would have made the right move in launching the gold version iPhone 5s to cater to Chinese consumers, but could be wrong if it expected the cheaper iPhone 5c to be more successful.

A Localytics survey revealed that the split between the iPhone 5s and 5C was 9 to 1 in China, similar to Australia,  in comparison with the 78 percent worldwide who got an iPhone 5s on average. The study claimed to have examined over 20 million unique iPhones sold.


Localytics attributed the popularity of iPhone 5s to the introduction of gold-colored models, which is "a very attractive addition in particular for Asian markets" and "the gold-colored version is only available on the 5s, not the 5c".

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More iPhone 5s were sold may also because of the tendency that hardcore apple users only prefer to have the top of the line iPhone, it added. Apple's new iPhones have generally received a lukewarm response in the Chinese market, with gold-colored iPhone 5s becoming the only bright spot which are trading at around 10,000 yuan (US$1,634) per set in the grey market.

Chinese consumers were anticipating iPhone 5c to become a budget iPhone, but iPhone 5c turned out be a "price" disappointment in the country as it is priced at 4,488 yuan (US$733) for the 16GB model, only 800 yuan (US$131) cheaper than the top-notch iPhone 5s.

A Sina Tech survey which received more than 260,000 votes showed that 86.5 percent of respondents indicated the colored iPhone 5c was priced way too expensive. Only 3.6 percent of the respondents said they would consider getting an iPhone 5c.