9 things you don't know about the iPad 3

In the spirit of guessing about products we have no real information about, here are 9 things you don't know about the iPad 3.

Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we don't. We mostly got the Kindle Fire right, making many correct guesses (and although I didn't expect the $199 price, I said that was the price necessarily for a breakout product -- and it was). On the other hand, we got the iPhone 5 wrong. As we all well know, there was no iPhone 5.

So, in the spirit of guessing about products we have no real information about, here are 9 things you don't know about the iPad 3.

It could be the iPad 2S -- if Apple follows its recent naming pattern (iPhone 3G followed by 3GS, iPhone 4 followed by iPhone 4S), the iPad 2 might well be followed by the iPad 2S. Granted the iPhone 4S was a nice bump from the iPhone 4, but it wasn't a 5, dang it!

There could be an 4G/LTE version -- since every other piece of mobile technology has a 4G/LTE version, why not Apple? I have doubts, but Apple may pull a fast one (heh, fast one, get it?) here.

There might be a 7 or 8 inch screen -- Given that the Kindle Fire has clarified the mid-screen market size, many of us think it only makes sense that Apple introduce a smaller-size model. Will they or won't they? I'm guessing no, but we'll find out soon.

There might be a lower-cost unit -- Given that Apple is now minting money faster than the mints, I have my doubts they want to play in the Kindle Fire ghetto. But Apple has been known to play their iPods to every niche, so there is a possibility. Will there be an iPad nano or iPad mini? Again, I'm guessing no.

It might have an 8MP camera -- the iPad 2 camera is terrible. This needs to be upgraded. I'm guessing we'll see some improvement, but will we see a camera the quality of the iPhone 4S? It'd be nice, wouldn't it? I'm guessing a definite maybe.

It might have a retina display -- this one is almost a given. Everyone in the rumor milling business seems to think there will be a retina display, so maybe there will be a retina display. I'm guessing almost definitely, or at least maybe.

It might have Siri -- this depends on two key factors: the processor power in the device and how robust Apple's network is. I'm reasonably sure the processor in the new device will be able to handle the load, but their network might not. If I were a betting man (and I'm just betting with your heart strings, aren't I?), I'd say "yes" to Siri (but it'll still be marked "beta").

It might have a multi-core processor -- if the iPad is to properly support Siri and some of the advanced camera functions, it needs more processing power. I'd also like to see it have more RAM, but I have even greater doubts about that. Probably dual-core. Probably not quad-core.

You might not care enough to buy one -- this is the big rub. Doesn't everyone who really wants an iPad already have an iPad? Sure, there are those who desperately want one but aren't willing to fork over $500 or more. But if Apple's not dropping the price a lot, the only buyers will be those who already have iPads. And why? Just because Apple makes people crazy in lust, that's why.

So there you go. Nine things you (and the rest of us) don't really know about the iPad 3.

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