A DEMO good time

One of my companies, BuzzLogic, will be presenting at DEMO next week. High-stress days like between now and next Tuesday, and you'll get some reports from inside as the big event approaches.

With recent demise of PC Forum (Bravo, Esther, for an amazing job long done!), DEMO is the last of the great tech conferences born in the PC era. DEMO happens next Monday through Wednesday in San Diego, and I'm going to be covering the event here. But I'm also going to the show as an investor/cofounder of one of the presenting companies, BuzzLogic.

The diabolically elegant approach DEMO takes that sets it apart is that it subjects every presenting company to an elevator pitch-length presentation in which the CEO—and fortunately that's not me, because I run at the mouth about the technology rather than the product—gets their shot at winning over the audience.

A DEMO presentation is a serious right of passage over which hundreds of executives have lost sleep and funding, not to mention set the stage for screaming success. I'll try to convey some of the excitement of being on the stage, as well as what's going on at the event, but forgive me if I am a bit distracted from blogging this week.