A false start for new bikeshare in Chicago, New York

Two of the soon-to-be largest bikeshare systems in the United States are experiencing delays.

As Chicago takes aim at becoming the "bike friendliest city in the country" by adding miles of new protected bike lanes, the centerpiece of the city's new bike infrastructure is seeing delays.

A new bikeshare system, complete with 3,000 bikes in 300 docking stations, that was expected to be unvieled this summer is now being put off until next spring.

“This is a complicated infrastructure project that involves a great deal of planning, engineering and public outreach," Chicago Transportation Department spokesman Peter Scales, told the Chicago Sun-Times. We decided it was better to take the extra time to get it right. ... Another benefit is that we will have constructed many more miles of dedicated bike lanes by next spring, which will help to increase participation.”

But, as Dana Rubinstein points out, it's not the only bikeshare to see delays. New York's 10,000-bike system is experiencing "software" problems, with few details. Citi Bike was expected to open last spring. In Chattanooga, a bikeshare that was supposed to open in April, eventually opened late last month because of similar software issues.

All three cities have contracts with Alta Bicycle Share.

When up and running, New York and Chicago will have the two largest bikeshare systems in the United States.

Photo: Citi Bike

(h/t Capital New York)

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