A five-second vendor wrap-up

Analyst calls IBM SOA-friendly; says Oracle and Microsoft are "laggards." And wisely advises: Don't eat the elephant too fast, it will give you a major case of indigestion.

Around the SOA world in five seconds: Robin Bloor of Hurwitz and Associates opined about a recent IBM SOA presentation and provided his view on where the leading vendors stand in the game:

  • IBM: Big Blue "clearly knows where most of the SOA bodies are buried and it is taking it seriously."
  • HP: ..."has capabilities too."
  • SAP: "...has a convincing position."
  • Sun Microsystems: "... entered the market seriously when it acquired SeeBeyond and remains a serious player."
  • JBOSS and BEA: "...have skin in the game."
  • CA: Also has skin in the game -- "as a late joiner." 
  • Oracle and Microsoft: "...clearly laggards." 

Bloor also noted that SOA is "a moving target," but that 2006 will probably be the year that SOA goes mainstream. "The current noise around it indicates as much," he said. Bloor also predicts that "a good number of SOA efforts to stall or fail, because of the complexity that will inevitably arise in one way or another and particularly because SOA requires businesses to organise themselves in a slightly different way."

And leaves us with this somewhat unappetizing thought: "If anything in IT ever deserved a methodology, it's SOA. SOA is the kind of elephant that has to be eaten bite-by-bite and you need to know how to cook the meal, plan the course and serve it up."