A free Cardo Scala 700LX Bluetooth headset goes to the ZDNet's 12th Deputy Tester

It's Friday and you know what means; it's time to pick another ZDNet Deputy Tester of the Week. Our 12th one as a matter of fact.

It's Friday and you know what means; it's time to pick another ZDNet Deputy Tester of the Week. Our 12th one as a matter of fact. Earlier this week, I issued a clarion call for applications from people wanting to review Cardo's Scala 700LX Bluetooth headset (worth about $65) and ZDNet's readers responded in force. It's pictured to the left and, compared to other headsets on the market, the 700Lx has some unique features (or at least a package of unique features):

  • It can keep track of multiple pairings so you can switch to other phones or bluetooth devices without having to re-pair the device (and delete the other pairings); a cool feature that I wish some of my other Bluetooth gear could do.
  • If you can’t find it (if you’ve misplaced it), you can page it and it will respond with an audible sound.
  • It supports hands-free call answering
  • It does one-button call-back of the last inbound number (in case you missed the call)… and it has a missed call indicator.
  • Has a battery-level indicator (something I wish more Bluetooth headsets had)
  • Includes hands-free auto-answer

So, who will be this week's Deputy Tester? As usual, it was a tough choice and there were plenty of responses that caught our eye for their humor, candor, and passion. Here's just a sampling:

  • RedSk8r: ...Just TODAY, my boyfriend calls me and tells me that he just got a new bluetooth headset. Neither of us had one, before. And he's been rubbing it in my face for the past hour as we talked over lunch. So now I get on here, and what do I find? You're giving one away! I could totally show up my boyfriend...
  • Tabitha: ...since I just moved to Los Angeles and (as most people know) most of my time is spent on the freeway... DB's note: Most people?
  • Gloria: ....Life is like a boomerang... whatever you give out, you get back in exact proportion. If you give love you get it back from the person, and if you give out meannness you inspire it in others.... DB's note: Pay it forward (but not the meanness)!
  • Cletus: ... I used to hae a JX10 until my lizard knocked it out of my ear (he likes to ride on my shoulder) and it fell 4 stories to the ground...DB's note: What if the lizard fell too? You, with the lizard... step away from the railing....
  • Vickie: ...Just think of all the lives you'll save by making me a more safer driver!....
  • Confused: I have [an] infinitely configurable ear shape for maximum use case coverage.

The entries are not only getting better, they're getting more entertaining and it's the highlight of my week to read them. Especially the funny ones. Without further adieu, the 12th Deputy Tester of the Week is Jescocom who wrote:

David, I am an over the road truck driver and could give the headset a real over the road test. I currently use a Motorola HS850 Bluetooth headset and my wife uses a Planatronics Bluetooth so I have 2 units for comparision. Also, on the road the ambient noise leves are very high so I can test the unit for background noise rejection with some real world noise. I also use my bluetooth with my laptop for turn by turn directions (using ALK Technologies Copilot Live GPS program. It is a real pain having to pair and unpair my headset to switch from phone to laptop. I should be able to give the Headset a real world test of all its functions.

I'm sure there are some of you saying your entry was better than his. So many of the entries are really good and it makes me wish we could give out one of these products to everyone who applies. Unfortunately though, that's not the case.

Finally, if you caught last week's video, then you saw there were two consolation prizes. A Penguin cell phone cover and and old business card scanner (nobody mentioned the latter). Tabitha (link above) who mentioned she's an animal lover at heart gets the cell phone cover. And the business card scanner goes to Charlnor who sounds like he's on the road a lot and could use a business card scanner, if it works.

Stay tuned for our next giveaway (video coming this Monday). Oh, and once again: we can only accept entries through our talkback/comment system. Please don't "apply" via e-mail.