A gold Mac Pro gold to go along with that gold iPhone

The Mac Pro could well become the computer of choice for the "power desktop" in Hollywood and the jet set. But how does one bespoke a mass-produced item? For these cases, it will be the colors and metallics.

What do you get for the Mac user who has everything, or could buy almost anything and everything? Perhaps a Mac Pro in a different color. This is the proposition of Alchaemy, a Southern Calif. Mac reseller offering systems with anodized-color and metallicized enclosures.

I spoke with owner Joël Toussaint, about Alchaemy. He said customers can send their current Macs into the service for customization or purchase one with whatever configuration is wanted — most choose the latter option. Loaner units are available, he said, for customers with existing systems. The most popular model so far is a MacBook Pro Retina.

The company is ready for orders for custom Mac Pros, Toussaint said. There are 14 colors and three plated metallic finishes, Gold ($1,499), Black Diamond Nickel ($999) and Chrome ($749).

As I mentioned recently, the new Mac Pro is an interesting combination of performance power and industrial design . And that's out of the box. The Mac Pro will be a status-symbol and the C-level desktop of choice across the enterprise.

However, these custom cases may be the just the thing for the desktops of the One Percent who want to make a statement with their possessions.