A keynote of military importance

What does data warehousing, pies and beer have in common?

My colleagues and I were intrigued with the speaker selection for a data warehousing conference.

Touching on the topic of 'active enterprise intelligence' at Teradata Universe this week is none other than the retired major general Peter Cosgrove.

This is the man who was recently described as a near technophobe by a Defence official, and whose only interest in telecommunications was whether it could be used to watch rugby matches.

We asked Teradata for more details of what Cosgrove would be presenting.

"His speech will sum up the general theme of the conference," said a spokesperson for Teradata.

"It will focus specifically on operational and strategic intelligence from the perspective of the military."

We reckon delegates will be keen to hear Cosgrove ponder why data warehousing cannot yet deliver beer and pies.