A lamp that recreates the weather indoors

A concept lamp aims to bring the weather into your family home.

A concept lamp aims to bring the weather into your family home.

Leaving your hoarded nest of warmth on a cold morning is not the most pleasant experience one can think of. But what if you can turn on the lamp from your bedside in the morning and see fluffy clouds or bright sunlight to help you dress for the occasion?

That's one of the concepts behind Micasa Labs' Nebula 12 lamp.

"We haven't taken the stars down from the sky, but we have captured a cloud," the company declares. Aiming to take a lamp's purpose to a new level, Micasa's lamp combines liquid hydrogen with hot water to create steamy clouds. The company says that these clouds mimic their natural counterparts, and are able to change in color and brightness to become not only weather forecasts, but also as a variable source of light for different settings.

The lamp also contains LED lighting to adjust brightness, vacuum suction technology to create cloud movement, and is connected to mobile devices through Wi-Fi.

By connecting to a Nokia Lumia smartphone, Nebula 12 predicts the weather for the next 48 hours. But how do you know what's coming? Micasa explains:

"A threatening low-pressure area is announced by a red cloud, and sunshine is shown in yellow. At the same time, the user can adjust the settings and define the source of information themselves. And the best is: regardless of how dark the cloud is, Nebula 12 never brings any rain. At least, not within one's own four walls."

Image credit: Micasa


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