A look at Oracle's Larry Ellison's cloud-isms

Oracle chief Larry Ellison riffs on the cloud, SAP, Workday and vegetables.

Oracle has made its big cloud splash and no product launch is complete without a few Larry Ellison-isms. Here's a look at what happens when Ellison meets the cloud officially.

On Fusion vs. SAP: "We called that Project Fusion. Some of our competitors actually called it product confusion which was memorable but that competitor didn't do anything while we started working on applications for the cloud."

Seven years to the cloud: "Six years of innovation, almost seven years of innovation plus key, strategic acquisitions have gotten us into a position where we can watch the most comprehensive cloud on the planet Earth."

But Oracle isn't late: "I think it's too late to get started in 2012. All SAP has got is SuccessFactors. 100 enterprise grade applications in the cloud, a social network, social relationship management and they have SuccessFactors. Might not be enough." For what it's worth, SAP may have Ariba soon too.

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Clearly annoyed by SAP: "The biggest ERP vendor in the world is SAP, but they got nothing for the cloud."

Oracle also is aiming at Salesforce: "We will be competing aggressively with Salesforce.com and sales automation."

Social relationship management everywhere: "The whole issue of social relationship management means using modern media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on to see what people are saying about our products. To establish a presence on Facebook. To establish a presence on Twitter to drive them to a store to inform them about our products all using social media. That is the whole new category called social relationship management."

And SRM isn't CRM: "Social relationship management is a little bit different than Customer Relationship Management. It is more comprehensive than customer relationship management. It allows us to work with people for their customers, to build those relationships so they will be better customers."

Workday doesn't use an Oracle database dammit! "Workday doesn't use a database. Workday is built on top of object storage system which means reporting is almost impossible. Everyone uses a database. Salesforce.com uses a fantastic database because they are really smart. Almost all the guys I know use a really good database except for the guys at Workday."

Security is a big pitch: "One of the things about Oracle database in the cloud is that it is secure. When you are using our application when you are using our database you data is not co- mingled with other customers data. It is secure and it is separate. It is not co-mingled with your competitors data."

Oracle Cloud is easy enough for a CEO to use: "I am now going to demonstrate our social relationship management. At least I'm going to try. I'm going to put on my glasses. This is so easy even a caveman can do it. But I am not sure about this CEO."

Ellison loves his veggies: "I've always been deeply interested in vegetables and I've always thought growing up my mom said 'Larry, there's always good money in vegetables.' Listening to mom is my backup plan."