A Nokia hybrid PC? Remember the Booklet

Nokia's partnership with Microsoft for phones could easily extend into the Windows 8 hybrid market. Nokia has experience (albeit not very successfully) building a laptop.

Image credit: Nokia

We recently daydreamed about a BlackBerry hybrid PC running Windows 8. This was admittedly far-fetched, but there's another phone maker that could easily build a Windows hybrid computer.

Nokia has ridden its partnership with Microsoft to take the lion's share of the Windows Phone market. Unfortunately, a big share of a small market is not enough to keep a large company like Nokia making a sizeable profit.

What the company could do is take advantage of its alliance with Microsoft and build a Windows 8 hybrid computer. That's a laptop with a detachable screen that works as a tablet. 

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Nokia makes good phone hardware so it's not that big a stretch for it to build a hybrid like we want. It even has experience making a Windows laptop. You may remember the Nokia Booklet, a top quality netbook from a few years ago. Nokia was late to the netbook game and the Booklet cost double the price of competitors' netbooks. It was doomed to failure as a result.

That experience making the Booklet, a nice aluminum laptop with top quality components, could be leveraged to build a good hybrid computer. Nokia would have to adjust the Booklet's design to be state-of-the-art, specifically very thin and light.

The detachable screen would need to be a light tablet that could take full advantage of Windows 8. It would need to be as thin as the iPad and have a high-resolution display. 

If Nokia built a quality hybrid that followed our guidelines for such a device, it could take the market by storm. This would diversify the company's offerings and give them a good shot at entering the Windows 8 market. Perhaps it could make a tie-in to its Lumia phone line. It could bring its Windows Phone apps to Windows 8 and have an instant advantage over the competition in hybrids. If it built a hybrid good enough and kept the price competitive, the Nokia product could be a good seller.


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