A server suitable for warzone use

Just in case you need to drop a server into the middle of a warzone, you're covered.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer on

NCS Technologies has developed a new offering for the server community -- a system suitable for warzones.

The Bunker XRV-5241, is touted as a "powerful and reliable" computer system suitable for both governmental and enterprise use. The XRV-5241 rugged 1U short-depth server has been designed to endure in particularly harsh conditions -- such as cramped spaces, tough terrain or sea -- as well as excessive force when you drop it.

According to the firm, there is a market for servers that can withstand such treatment, and having been tested by the U.S. military -- and found to function after a drop of one meter -- the Bunker meets environmental, shock and vibration requirements for military use.

Able to withstand temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius when running, minus 40 - 70 while off and an altitude of up to 3,048 and 25,000 feet respectively, the server also has a DC power option which means the Bunker can be powered from aircrafts or vehicles while on the move.

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