A state-by-state solar pricing guide

What's the average cost to go solar in your state? One Block Off the Grid has created four maps that break down cost, payback period and what you could save by going solar.

One Block Off the Grid along with energy analytics firm Clean Power Research took the results of more than 45,000 solar estimates from U.S. homeowners in 2011 and plugged them into the maps below to create a state-by-state pricing guide. The infographic below is actually four maps, which break down solar costs per state; short-term (monthly) and long-term savings; and estimated payback time on that solar installation.

The numbers aren't perfect. The results represent state averages and don't guarantee the performance or savings for any particular system. Still, it does act as a good jumping off point for homeowners debating whether it's worth it to go solar. 1BOG does have a free solar estimate tool, which provides specific quotes for individuals.

Photo: One Block Off the Grid


This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com