A summer wave of MagSafe accessories

Who knew that Apple's tiny MagSafe power connector could attract the notice of accessory vendors? However, a number of new add-ons can help keep your MacBook powered up and ready to go.

The MagSafe power connector is an Apple-first, and Apple-only technology introduced on the MacBook Pro in 2006. Now in its second generation, MagSafe uses an array of tiny rare-earth magnets to hold the power cord in place and can often prevent the MacBook from being pulled off a table or desk if (let's say when) someone trips on the power cable. It's an admirable example of Apple's user-centric design.

A summer wave of MagSafe accessories

However, the technology isn't perfect and accessory developers have seen an opportunity waiting and have recently introduced products for MagSafe 2 machines.

Other World Computing is selling NewerTech's Snuglet, which originated as a Kickstarter product. It appears that the second-generation MagSafe's magnets aren't as powerful as the original iteration, and the connector can sometimes fall out or not seat correctly. Now, the weaker connection may make your MacBook safer when sitting on a table in Starbucks, but if it prevents a charge, productivity can suffer.

The Snuglet acts as a carrier for the magnetic field and keeps the power cable safely secured to your Apple laptop. Made using the finest materials and highest precision manufacturing methods, it delivers the perfect balance between retention strength and detachment force. Built to last, this handy device installs quickly, stays installed, and it's easy to remove for reuse on another laptop.

The little add-on costs $15.98.

Meanwhile, there's the issue of losing the tiny MagSafe 2 converter adapter for folks who have moved up to next-generation power blocks but have older MagSafe 1 systems, including laptops and Apple Cinema displays. Cozy Industries offers MagCozy, a small plastic holder for the adapter. A set of two holders costs $9.99.

Stop losing your tiny Apple adapter! MagCozy holds your MagSafe 2 Converter snugly and attaches to computer cords, Apple Cinema displays, key rings, and zipper pulls. Get two and keep an adapter handy wherever you work. You'll never have to waste time searching again.

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If you're determined to make sure your MagSafe connector remains attached to the your MacBook and don't mind what amounts to defeating all the smart engineering that Apple put into the technology, then the Thought Out Company has an accessory for you. It offers a number of MagStay-branded locking devices for various models of Macs, including the newer "unibody" models. The latest version is really a plastic clamp that surrounds the Magsafe 2 connector and grips the side of the laptop. 

The MagStay MS-01 aids the connection of your MagSafe 2 from unintentional disconnections or pop offs on your Macbook PRO. Magsafe 2 works wonderfully disconnecting under most circumstances, as it is supposed to. However, while your using MacBook PRO as a laptop, undesired disconnections occur. MagStay will keep your MagSafe connected without false positive disconnections while in your lap.

The MagStay MS-01 costs $19.99.

Interestingly, a Kickstarter campaign was recently launched to build a MagSafe-style dock charger called Cabin for the iPhone 5. It connects to the Apple Lightning cable with a "MicroAdapter."