A third of iPhone owners think they have 4G, obviously don't

Think the "4" in iPhone 4 stands for 4G? Join the 34% of those participating in a recent poll. They thought the same thing.

4G, HD, LCD - there are a lot of esoteric acronyms floating around the technology world today. Which probably explains why 34% of those polled in a recent Retrevo Gadgetology survey are under the mistaken impression that their iPhone 4s are running on a 4G network - likely because of the "4" in its name.  Why that's strange should be immediately clear: Apple doesn't currently offer a 4G phone.

Not that iPhone owners are alone in their confusion. 24 percent of BlackBerry owners and 29 percent of Android owners thought the same thing. Fortunately for Apple, not having a 4G phone won't hurt its sales too much. 61 percent of current iPhone said that the lack of 4G in the next iPhone wouldn't influence their buying decision.