A waterproof smartphone? Amazing spray coating makes it possible [video]

With Neverwet's coating, chocolate syrup slides off a clean shoe and an iPhone still works while submerged underwater.

Neverwet, a new spray coating, can turn almost anything waterproof. Like seriously waterproof, as in messy sauces, juice, ink and oil don't just bead off -- they shoot off the surface. It's also anti-corrosive, sending even bacteria and ice running and screaming for the hills.

While there are a host of water-resistant coatings and products available, most only offer hydrophobic properties and fall short of the litmus test to be considered "waterproof." Ross Technologies claims that their silicon-based product is superhydrophobic, meaning it repels liquids at a very high "contact angle" (175 degrees), which is the distance wedged between a water droplet and the surface. So the higher the contact angle, the rounder the water droplet.

The secret to how the patent-pending technology works is a proprietary arrangement of nanoparticles that turns water droplets into near-perfect spheres. Originally, researchers at the company had set about developing a material that would prevent steel from corroding and realized that such a product might also work on a variety of surfaces, including fabrics. They eventually came up with a separate coating that can be applied just about anywhere.

To demonstrate Neverwet's mighty water, stain and dirt-repelling abilities, the company has produced a series of mini-infomercials where spilled water scurries away in terror, chocolate syrup simply slides off a treated shoe and a coated iPhone is shown to still work while submerged underwater -- even after half an hour. The company says that the coating is exceptionally durable, stating on their website that "NeverWet™ coatings have remained under seawater for over a year and reemerged completely dry."

The final product isn't scheduled to hit the market until sometime next year. But if it lives up to the hype, mustard stains won't stand a chance.

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(via CNET, NeverWet)

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