A week with BlackBerry 10 and a day with the Surface Pro (MobileTechRoundup show #290

We spent a week with the BlackBerry Z10 and kicked off the show talking about those experiences. The 128GB Surface Pro was tough to find, but replaced my Surface RT.

(Credit: ZDNet)

We spent most all of last show talking about the BlackBerry 10 launch and first impressions of the Z10. This week on MobileTechRoundup show #290 we talked about our experiences with using the Z10 running BlackBerry 10 over the last week. I had a successful mobile game hunt yesterday so I was able to share my story of the capture of an elusive Surface Pro 128. Kevin talked about a cool accessory he used, the Coda One 3-in-1 Bluetooth handset and we closed with some thoughts on the HP Chromebook.  

Running time: 51:50 minutes

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