A wooden bike that is a work of art

Basque bicycle company Axalko's individually-handcrafted wooden cycles are sturdy, lightweight, and very easy on the eye.

Would you ever consider getting a wooden bicycle? The idea seems slightly anachronistic - but then, that was before the Axalko bike.

Named after a sly fox from a childhood fable, Axalko individually handcrafts bicycles out of ash wood. The bikes' hollow frame makes them extremely lightweight, at 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg), and the wooden body is micro-laminated, for improved resistance.

Axalko is run by Basque brothers Aitzol and Andoitz Telleria, who together with Enrique Ardura craft the bikes using specifically-designed finger joints, which keep the frame intact. The bikes are created to be fast and sturdy, and thus far have fared well both in road races France and on city streets, withstanding strong vibrations and heavy riding.

In addition to its Bat roadbike model, the company also has an eye to urban mobility and produces the electric Yamimoto model.

Axalko creates each bike individually, and the company is open to customization requests from clients. But such artistry does not come cheap: you can expect a 3-month wait and a $5,600 fee before you receive your custom-made bike.

Take a look at the Axalko bike in action (in Spanish):

Photos: Axalko

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