A Year Ago: British cyber-activists switch tactics

First published: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 18:10:10 GMT

Electrohippies resort to spam

Having failed to bring the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) servers down, British cyber-activists 'the Electrohippies' have decided to resort to a good old-fashioned spam attack in their quest to harass the colossus of global capitalism.

Paul Mobbs, creator of the original Electrohippies Web site and confirmed cyber-crusty, rallied fellow activists today to launch a monstrous email downpour on the offices of the WTO.

Mobbs reluctantly admits his original denial of service campaign did not exactly go without a hitch. It seems he whipped up so much enthusiasm for the event that, although the WTO site remained intact, his own site became jammed with requests. "Slight backfire there," he admits.

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